Accidentally Welding Laser Arms to my Feral Son | Rimworld: Lootbox #11

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Amid a growing trend in the gaming industry, I have set out to correct the biggest flaw in Rimworld; Consistent and well-balanced game design with no option of ruining it with random, luck based, gameplay alterations.

This is 2021 baby!

All we need these days is a random dopamine hit from a sparkly chest, and a system designed to feed you just enough to keep you handing over your hard-earned dollars, or in this case, Rimworld treasures.

=== Mod Info ===

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Steam Collection, Load Order file, Save Game, and instructions here:

Please note, not all mods are listed below due to Youtube description limits, please head to the workshop page for a full list of mods and credits!

Vanilla Expanded Mod Collection including Oskar Obnoxious
Created by Oskar Potocki et al.

Created by tikubonn

Loot Boxes [CONTINUED]
Created by Pustalorc

More Linkables
Created by 4loris4

Medical System Expansion, MSE - Prosthetic Combat
Created by Abraxas

Sparkling Worlds Addon - More Events - Standalone Addon,
Go Explore!
Created by Albion

Days Matter (fork)
Created by BrokenBed

Achtung!, Camera+, Careful Raids, Harmony
Created by Brrainz

[O21] Forgotten Realms
Created by Neronix17

Created by Dr Zhivago

Created by Draegon1993

Dub's Paint Shop, Dubs Break Mod, Dubs Mint Menus, Dubs Performance Analyzer
Created by Dubwise

Area Unlocker, Blueprints, Mod Manager, Pharmacist
Created by Fluffy

Star Wars Races
Created by FoggyMorning

[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage, [FSF] More Quests, [FSF] Complex Jobs
Created by FrozenSnowFox

CleaningArea, QualityBuilder
Created by Hatti

Yayo's EndGame
Created by YAYO

Created by Helixien

Callouts, Who's Next?
Created by Captain Muscles

Created by Jaxe

Compressed Raid
Created by ryouta

[KV] Consolidated Traits, [KV] Configurable Maps, [KV] More Trait Slots - , [KV] RimFridge
Created by Kiame Vivacity

Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
Created by Kikohi

, Infusion 2
Created by Lannan

Real Ruins
Created by MR. TETEREW

Ugh You Got Me, Graphics Settings - Fix Your Textures!, Sometimes Raids Go Wrong
Created by Marvin

Designator Shapes
Created by Merthykins

[O21] Toolbox
Created by Neronix17

Dynamic Diplomacy
Created by NilchEi

Powerful Psycast AI
Created by NilchEi

Created by NitroDev

Prosthetic Combat Framework
Created by Noj

[, , ] Quarry
Created by Ogliss

Created by Ogre

Simple sidearms
Created by PeteTimesSix

Mad Skills
Created by Ratysz

Alpha Animals, Alpha Biomes, Smart Speed
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Realistic Planets - Fan Update
Created by Saucy_Pigeon

SF Grim Reality
Created by SheiFoxy

Apparello 2
Created by Shinzy

Xenobionic Patcher, Faction Blender
Created by SineSwiper

Created by Spino

JecsTools (Unofficial)
Created by lbmaian

KEP:Toolbox Bionics
Created by Kriptobaam

Defensive Positions, HugsLib, Allow Tool
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Everybody Gets One, Smart Medicine, Replace Stuff, Random Research, Build From Inventory
Created by Uuugggg

Snap Out!
Created by Weil

Yayo's Meteor, Yayo's Combat 3
Created by YAYO

VGP Garden Resources
Created by dismarzero

D9 Framework
Created by dninemfive

Rim of Madness - Vampires
Created by Kato

EdB Prepare Carefully
Created by edbmods

Humanoid Alien Races
Created by erdelf

Created by fridgeBaron

More Archotech Garbage Reupload
Created by MrKociak

LWM's Deep Storage
Created by lilwhitemouse

Dire Raids
Created by pyrce

Created by rooki12k

Random Cooldowns
Created by Iron Xides

Search and Destroy, RunAndGun, Dual Wield
Created by roolo

Created by spincrus

Statue of Colonist
Created by tammybee

More Furniture [ + ]
Created by wofl

Rim of Madness - Werewolves, RimQuest, Star Wars - Factions, Realistic Human Sounds, Recon And Discovery, Mo'Events, Single Plant Texture Patch, Fallout Traits, Expanded Roofing, Various Space Ship Chunk, Advanced Biomes, Combat Readiness Check, Pick Up And Haul
Created by Mlie et al.

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=== Music Credits ===

Getting it Done by Kevin MacLeod

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