Amazing Team to Climb to Veteran in the Great League for Pokémon GO Battle League!

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Today we bring back the Goat, Alolan Marowak to Pokémon GO Battle League! This team built around it is incredibly strong and can help you climb in rating for the Great League!
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FPSticks -

0:00 Intro
1:28 Lead vs Azumarill
4:12 Lead vs Jellicent
6:43 Lead vs Galarian Stunfisk
8:28 Lead vs Galarian Stunfisk
10:39 Lead vs Mandibuzz
13:15 Lead vs Alolan Ninetales
14:46 Lead vs Azumarill
17:34 Lead vs Politoed
19:38 Lead vs Altaria
21:50 Lead vs Azumarill
24:04 Lead vs Medicham
25:55 Lead vs Sableye
28:20 Outro

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