ANIME CARS TAKEOVER BIGGEST CAR MEET IN U.S.! (Itasha Reactions Feat. Flowmotion)

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CAR MEET REACTIONS to Itasha Cars TAKING OVER! Atlanta Caffeine and Octane is the Largest Monthly Meet in America. There may be bigger annual meets, but there will never be an event as consistently LARGE or as consistently FREE as Caffeine and Octane down here in ATL. That's right baby, the event is FREE to attend and is filmed by NBC! *Thumbnail changed to more prominently feature my car.

My original plan was to wake up early enough to get there before staff, and move the Exotic Gate to sneak my Weebvette then I realized: "Where's the fun in that, if it's another video all about me?". I want people to realize that Itasha isn't a battle I'm fighting alone and also that Itasha isn't only unique to Japan.

So instead. I hit up all my boys on the East Coast Itasha and they came down from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, just to come squad up at this event! The new plan ALL PARK AT THE EXOTIC GATE. I knew my audience (even the weebs) are already pretty sick of just seeing my Weebvette in a vlog at shop or commented on by friends. So I figured to keep things 'd do this instead :)

I hope I didn't disappoint, as I definitely exceeded my own expectations of just One lone Weebvette in an exotic lot, to a whole squad of weeb bois instead!
Note: I filmed over 50 subscribers reacting to my car, but more than half had to be removed due to Copyrighted music, or being too young. YT has strict guidelines against filming younger folk, so I'm glad I got to meet you, but just know it wasn't any personal reason why you had to be YT policy is all!

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Final Fantasy XIII - Crimson Blitz
Gran Turismo 4 - Menu Theme

MY TIK TOK! @bladed__angel?lang=en

I OWN ALL THE FOOTAGE USED TO MAKE THIS VIDEO. It was filmed using my Sony AX53 and recorded via the same device. Flowmotion has been given permission to use this. This statement has to be made for Content ID purposes. If you borrow it without permission, I will request a take
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