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Are You A Twin Flame? OR High Vibrational Soulmate? #Caution, Message May Trigger You.

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In this video I talk about what Is a real Twin flame vs a High vibrational being. Starting in 2020 Real Twin Flames will start recognizing each other more and more. This video is about accepting the role on this planet you were meant to play and seeing it all as a blessing.

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Deep chakra energy healing
Our Auras and Chakras work together to keep us energetically healthy. Keeping them clean and clear helps our physical body stay healthy as well. In this 60 minute healing session. I focus on clearing, healing and balancing depleted, stagnant or weak areas in the energetic body. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and better manifestation power to receive. $100 via PayPal in person or Skype .

Tantric Energetic Healing
Have you every wanted to experience the Full Body Energetic Orgasm without touch? This service may change forever the relation that you have with your own body and can give you the most intense state of pleasure. This session provides healing for any energetic blocks, plus sexual trauma, sexual shaming and abuse. Start Experiencing more emotional freedom to express your authentic self. By resisting the emotional body back into its primal feminine state. Improve physical health, self-love, attractiveness, self acceptance and emotional balance, between the masculine and feminine energy. $111 per session in person or Skype via PayPal.

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