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Wishing on a toot-ta taara to help us rate Zero on a scale of 1-10. ????

In this edition of Behensplaining, Srishti and Dolly review Zero, Bollywood’s skewed love for heroes, and outer space! Catch the latest and freshest episode of Behensplaining, exclusively on Netflix India's YouTube channel, along with Zero, streaming on Netflix.

Writer: Dr. Pyarelal
Director: Sofia Ashraf
DOP: Dezvyn Tinwalla
Creative Producer: Pranav Bagde
Production Agency: The Rabbit Hole
Post Production: Postbox 28

Time Codes:
Dolly’s got Zero rings
Chronology samjhe?
Behensplaining Quickies
1:38 How to not leave a woman?
1:57 The plot is a rich spoilt brat!
2:05 The actual story of Zero
2:48 Heroes linger forever
3:01 Comedian of the year
3:19 Behencylopedia
3:59 Picture baaki
4:22 The reunion
4:29 Glass Half Full
4:34 Srishti yearns for world peace
4:50 Behensplaining bloopers

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