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Behind the Mods of Skyrim: BeVeryOfA - Creator of ASCiD & Looking Up at a Starry Sky

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In this episode we sit down with BeVeryOfA, Skyrim mod author of ASCiD & LUAASK53. We start with an interview about his history with games and the beginnings of modding with GameShark coding in Final Fantasy 7, his history with creating Skyrim Mods, and what he plans to create with his talents in the future. The back half of the show is all community questions from the Shapeless Media YouTube channel community page. Questions ranging from how to get started modding, to the difficulties of faithfully porting mods from Nexus to the Playstation 4 version of the game. BeVeryOfA hit the console scene especially hard in the past few months with over 87,000 downloads across his original mods and PS4 ports.

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