Blog Review 8 : Ways by which New Blogger can Earn Money Online [5000$/Month]

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This is my 8th Blog review of the 100 free blog review series. Owner of this video is Shailendra Rajput. He has made this Tech blog and we have discussed all the small mistakes that he had done. In last I have told him by which ways he could make around 5000 dollars from his blogs.

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Intro of Shailendra Rajput of Tech Yatri
03:45 Why Did you start your tech blog in Hindi?
04:31 Watch my previous blog review
05:18 why we should use pipe in our Title for better on Page SEO
07:15 Observe and React your Title and Perfect your Title
09:15 Why is Table of Content (TOC) good for user Experience
11:26 Proper use of Internal Links and Anchor Text
16:03 Wrong use of Push Notification
17:59 How many blogs do you write and importance of article update
19:22 unique articles and its benefits
21:04 How Unique content will derive more backlinks
22:26 How you should use Google Alerts
23:02 Bad Experience of making backlinks
25:08 Update your old articles
25:42 Again using observe and react
27:17 Perfect Placing of “About us” for a Better EAT
28:53 Importance of Author Bio in your blog
29:35 Properly implement HTTPs and how can be dangerous
31:05 Why we should not use # for Indian Audience
32:31 Importance of FAQ in SEO and why it should be used?
34:21 Should we use HTML,CSS and Java Script for using Info graphics and its SEO Impact
36:24 Why does article changes it position when we update it
38:40 Our Keyword rank on English keyword, does this increases bounce rate
40:53 What is spam score and how to decrease it
44:11 What should be a proper name of Image as per SEO and its Alt Text
45:23 Perfect name of Image as per SEO
46:16 How New blogger can earn 5000$/month from blogging
49:52 Make youtube shorts in Marathi or any other regional language
50:40 New Domain vs Sub Domain which is better as per SEO?
52:45 Outro

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