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Contract Wars: SCAR-L with NightForce NXS scope

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Hey guys! Here we have the NightForce scope. It's great at range, especially for headshots/longshots. The visual recoil is very reasonable and moderate considering that this is a sniper scope on an assault rifle. If you don't have gunsmith silencer penalty reduction, I would go with the SOCOM Monster silencer, as it has only a 8% damage and range reduction. However, it lowers the accuracy by 5, but I don't really see that as a problem, as the other attachments add plenty of extra accuracy. If you DO have gunsmith like I do, I would go with the Sparrow silencer because it adds 3 accuracy and takes off 3 recoil. If you do want to use a muzzlebrake instead, go with the MB338. It has very good statistics. +3 accuracy and -3 recoil, AND +30% extra range which is very useful at range.
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