Dream Wife - F.U.U. ft. Fever Dream

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'Dream Wife', the debut album, out now!

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Director: Aidan Zamiri
Styling: Paolina Russo
DoP: Tom Frimley
Hair: Taylor-Mary Anthony
Makeup: Evie Somerfield
Production Manager: Martha Somerfield
Lighting Technician: Robin Lambert
Styling Assistant: Vera Kinder
Production Assistant: Gerrit Jacob
Special thanks to EVE Wrestling and the Resistance Gallery

EVE Wrestlers
Rhia O'Reilly
Charlie Morgan
Livvii Grace
Bea Priestley
Erin Angel
Jamie Hayter

“For our video for consider: ROCK AND ROLL AS AN EXTREME SPORT. A place where everyone gets a 10, there are no winners, no losers, just high adrenaline, high octaine good times.

is a partly tounge in cheek, partly deadly serious exploration of gleeful aggression and where better to WORK OUT this aggression than in the wrestling ring? We teamed up with EVE WRESTLING and our all-time-fave heart-throb-dream-babe director Aidan Zamiri to bring to life.

With Baby gal Gal Ally setting the scene as our smoking-hot ring gal; ACTUAL PRO WRESTLERS slamming it; Ione Gamble (Polyester Zine), Joanne Croxford (Girls Rock) and Michael (fan from Bedford) dishing out top scores; Lia cracking the bullwhip whip; some of our best friends; fave collaborators; badass fans; and of course our queen and all round Baddest Bitch, Fever Dream spitting bars and strutting her stuff it's a celebration of righteous anger with some of the people we love the most.

Special mention to Polina Russo for her unimaginable, fantasy-sportswear-meets-cyberpunk styling and hairstylist Taylor-Mary Anthony for turning us into the freaky, fierce cartoon characters of our dreams.

We would like to thank all of the Bad Bitches, Aidan & the Dream Team and the gang at EVE WRESTLING from the bottom of our hearts, as they taught us; everyone is a wrestler, maybe they just don't realise it yet.”

#DreamWife #FUU #Vevo
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