Fate Series AMV [To The Beginning] HD

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I made this AMV because I miss this group (Kalafina) and the serial TV. Still wait for the next adaption movie of Heaven's Feel route, it will be held pn march or april in my country.
Fate series = Kalafina+Kajiura Yuki is the real masterpiece

Song: To The Beginning
Artist: Kalafina
Anime used:
Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua
Fate/Stay Night_Unlimited Blade Works Realta Nua
Fate/Stay Night_Unlimited Blade Works
Fate/Grand Order_Cosmos In The Lostbelt
Fate/Stay Night_Heaven's Feel
Fate/Stay Night_Heaven's Feel Realta Nua

I'm not own do for this music. Is composed by Kajiura Yuki and all the staff that's already make this good song
Sorry for my english
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