Fish Farming Most Common fungus virus? How To Cure Common skin disease in fish farming?| Episode 20

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Fish Farming Most Common fungus virus? How To Cure Common skin disease in fish farming| Fish Farming |Episode 20
مچھلی کی فارمنگ میں عام فنگس وائرل وائرس کیا ہے؟ مچھلی کی فارمنگ میں جلد کی عام بیماری کا علاج کیسے کریں | مچھلی کی فارمنگ | قسط 20
मछली पालन में आम कवक वायरल वायरस क्या है? मछली पालन में आम त्वचा रोग का इलाज कैसे करें | मछली पालन | एपिसोड २०
machhalee paalan mein aam kavak vaayaral vaayaras kya hai? machhalee paalan mein aam tvacha rog ka ilaaj kaise karen | machhalee paalan | episod 20

Welcome to “Business Idea With Haq”. Your are watching Fish Farming Business related Videos
This instructional video introduces the basics of fish feeding for commercial aquaculture. It shares industry tips and best practices on all aspects of feeding, from how to calculate the right amount of feed, to how to identify the best type of feed. These video serial also contain personal experience of the farmer which shown in videos with clear instruction. These episodes are made to assistant new farmer from very basic level to expert level. Every Episode made with precise information and video evidence. Videos starts from how to manage the Fish farm, how to select land, how to make ponds, how to arrange water, importance of water and oxygen in fish farming, weather effects, common question and their answers etc etc.
So everything which required starting the fish farming is explained in details here.
This video is part of the 'Best Management Practices for Asian Aquaculture and conventional fish farming practice and also these videos contain the advance fish farming practice knowledge. Watch more in the series to learn about fish health care, pond fertilization and more.

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