[FREE] (34+) Vocal Loop Kit 2020 - “Hysteria” | (Frank Dukes,Cubeatz,Coop the truth, Rex Kudo,Drake)

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Over 34 Compositions with Vocals, Spanish Guitars, Piano and more
[FREE] (34+) Vocal Loop Kit 2020 - “Hysteria” (Travis Scott, Rex Kudo Wondagurl Loopkit)

Free Demo Download Here (5 Loops)

The Kit Contains:
- 34+ Sounds
- High-Quality MP3 and WAV
-Melodies and loops made in style of Cubeatz Pvlace Travis Scott rex kudo OZ 808mafia wondagurl OVO Drake pierre bourne londononthetrack coop the truth gunna wheezy PVLACE pyrex whippa and much more!
© NOTE: Please credit me in all published beats as abbeyorjay
Keep 100% profit from Non Major placements

Clearing Samples:
- Please contact Me via email or Instagram for all Major Placements with Artist/Labels
- Instagram ( )
- Email (at21records@)

© SAMPLING OF THIS VIDEO IS PROHIBITED please download or purchase the kit
Tags are placed to avoid any sampling of this video

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