[FREE +7] LOOP KIT / SAMPLE PACK 2020 - "Ancient" (Dark Melodies, Cubeatz, Pvlace, Pyrex Whippa)

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[FREE +7] LOOP KIT / SAMPLE PACK 2020 - "Ancient" (Dark Melodies, Cubeatz, Pvlace, Pyrex Whippa)

????Melody Pack by HxVe????

This is a melody pack in the style of Travis Scott | Gunna | Drake

- "Ancient" is a melody pack with 7 high quality samples
- BPM included
- Sell beats online for profit
- Drag and drop in any DAW
- All samples royalty free

**You may not re-pack or sell any of the loops in sound packs

Contact me on Instagram for a discount code if you are purchasing 5 or more packs. most of my packs are $5 so feel free to get as many as you like.

Instagram: @_HxVe_

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**???? "Ancient" Melody Pack ????***

????FULL PACK: [$5] ????
***Stems, Root note, BPM included***


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