Free Fire 23th September All New Update, Game is Not Opening - Garena Free Fire 2020

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Free Fire 23th September All New Update, Game is Not Opening - Garena Free Fire 2020

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Hi everyone, welcome to 3VOLUTION Patch Update News. This will be a totally exciting patch with many cool changes. Let's find out!
1. New character: Ultimate Soccer Star - LUQUETA
2. New rifle - AUG joins the game
3. A totally new items: self - revive kit, only in Clash Squad mode
4. Parachute Opening Optimization
5. Weapon Balancing
So here comes our newest character: LUQUETA!!
First time, a very young talented soccer star joins Free Fire. He has a very special skill: increasing max HP, up to 35. The more you kill, the more HP you can maximize. Moreover, a Music Video about this character is coming, too. Tune in to watch his awesome fighting battle
If you an XM8 person who really loves playing rifle, this new patch is for you. Another rifle, of which name may make you feel familiar, is coming in this patch. THIS IS AUG! Available in Classic and Clash Squad (Rank & Classic) mode!
The AUG is in mid-range guns. It has pre-attached 2x scope but can totally be upgraded to X4. An with the 35 rounds magazine, it is still extremely useful in close range situations. Try out it now!
If you're a big fan of CS mode, you will be very happy because we've got a lot of changes
In last CS ranked, the Golden Ego was awared to players with Gold Rank. Another season is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item - The Golden G18!
Not only in CS mode, a series of gun in Classic mode will be updated, too.
“Although the AK is one of the all-time-favorite weapons, it is certainly underperforming compared to the top ARs in the game. We are restoring the power of the AK a bit by minorly increasing its stopping power.”
“Currently, the FAMAS is not agile enough for it to be in the top AR list. We’re giving it some additional movement speed so players can have an easier time moving around between the 3-round-bursts.”
“The M249 is no doubt one of the weakest air-drop weapons currently. We’re giving it a major buff this patch so it can provide suppressing fire effectively.”
“Although the SPAS is a top contender in damage output in point black range, the sharp damage drop-off is the reason why the SPAS performs significantly worse than the M1887 and M1014. We’re giving the SPAS a minor buff this patch to close its gap with other SGs.”
“The XM8 has been on the top of the AR list for a while now. One of the reasons is because this weapon is so flexible and easy to use. We’re making some adjustments to the XM8 this patch so it will have a deeper learning curve.”
Especially, we've also updated some awesome effects in Free Fire.
Those are:
- Parachute Optimazation
- Low HP warning
- New Result Screen
So that can wrap up the wholething in 3VOLUTION Patch update. Don't forget we will have a massive party birthday celebration in this patch, too!
And remember to update the new patch on ! Bye~

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