[Free For Profit Sample] “Lucky" (prod. Sypher) | Chill Guitar Melody

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I really like the guitar melodies that this sample has. They’re super chill, but still kind of upbeat. I also like the partially reversed guitar melody in the background. Anyways, this sample is completely free to use for profit and is not copyrighted. All I ask is that you subscribe for more free stuff, and if you make anything with this, please share a link to whatever you produce so I can check it out and see what you created.

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Also guys, I would really appreciate it if you could listen all the way up to the end. I try to incorporate multiple different melodies in these samples so that you guys can pull 4-8 bar loops from different regions of the sample to use in your beats. I’d be really disappointed if you guys missed out on making something great because you didn’t hear a melody that comes later in the sample that may have sparked your creativity.

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Key: Ab Minor
BPM: 147

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