[FREE] SAMPLE PACK / LOOP KIT "SAVAGE" Vol. 2 (Cubeatz, Pyrex Whippa, 808Mafia, Wheezy, Pvlace)

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15 royalty free unique compositions + stems composed by ALYOSHIN BEATS
The samples are labeled with BPM & KEY
Compatible with any DAW
WAV Files
Includes analogue piano, bells, guitar, strings, vocal and flute loops
You own 100% profit by selling beats on your website with these samples
Placements with major artists or major labels must be cleared contact alyoshin001@
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[FREE] SAMPLE PACK / LOOP KIT "SAVAGE" Vol. 2 (Cubeatz, Pyrex Whippa, 808Mafia, Wheezy, Pvlace)

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