Friday Night Funkin' - HoloFunk Botan Update ft. SaltyHotcakes (MOD DOWNLOAD)

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Week 3's opponent is a white lion well-versed in computer technology and a competitive-level expert in first-person shooters. HoloNight Funkin's specific version of Botan had in the past been an assassin, and had to phase out of that work in order to keep her career as an idol. For what was supposed to be her last contract as a hired gun, Botan is hired by Daddy Dearest to kill someone that somehow managed to cheat death following a fatal rap battle with him.
The thing is, Botan was only given a location and the vaguest of physical clues instead of a name, and when she finds out his target is someone she has history with (Aloe, her former colleague), she decides to spare her and instead challenge our heroine to a friendly rap battle to train her for the trials to come.
Along with other cool stuff from C013 and I, HoloFunk features major Week 3 changes with altered visuals and covers (composed by SaltyHotcakes), but no complete song replacements. Y'all can make a Blue Clapper chart if you want; just have vocals for both the Boyfriend and his rival.

Friday Night Funkin's a wild ride, go play and support it if you're into rhythm games▼
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Hololive - Shishiro Botan

Hololive - Momosuzu Nene

Hololive - Mano Aloe (Retired)

OTHER CREDITS (The Crew and More):
Artist, Creative Lead: Hoshida Keaton
UTAU work and Title Remix: @C013 Huff
My twitter: @FoxArcana
Week 3 Covers: @SaltyHotcakes
(The Playlist!)
(Salty's Twitter)
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