Garmin Enduro Review: 9 Things To Know // Real-life testing

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There’s precisely one reason – and ONLY one reason to buy the Garmin Enduro: You want really long battery life, and are OK with that at the expense of any other feature. Be it GPS battery life or daily watch use battery life, there’s no Garmin watch that goes as long as the Enduro. And Garmin is betting that you’ll pay extra for that feature over and above a normal base Garmin Fenix 6 unit.

But that hides what’s actually happening under the covers. The Enduro’s baseline battery claims start off at 80 hours of normal GPS-on time with solar enabled (and optical HR enabled too), but then soar up to 300 hours of GPS battery life in certain configurations. That kind of battery life wasn’t just Garmin stuffing a bigger battery into it. Rather, Garmin says the Enduro is a new underlying platform – one that enables them to boast what I suspect is the longest GPS battery life of any device out there.

Beyond the battery though, it adds in Rest Timers and proper trail running VO2 max metrics, both focused on trail and ultra runners. These metrics are also now available for Fenix 6 and FR945 users too, thus giving credence to Garmin sometimes offering features to ‘older’ watches. Plus there’s a lightly updated version of ClimbPro, which now tracks/displays descents, and can trigger alerts before the climb starts. But we’ll dive into all that in a second.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Pricing & Models
0:56 Battery Specs & Real-life testing
5:05 Ultra Run Rest Timer
6:13 ClimbPro Descents
7:35 ClimbPro Alerts
8:10 Trail Running VO2Max
9:14 Fenix 6 vs Enduro
10:22 Size Comparisons
11:07 GPS Battery Comparisons
11:39 Hands-on Tour
14:15 GPS & HR Accuracy
15:45 Final Thoughts

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