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Welcome and i hope you enjoy ASMR FOR CHRISTIANS it is my goal to help you relax and fall asleep in the peace and comfort of knowing that God will protect you and no weapon formed against you will succeed.

I will be focusing on asmr page turning, real live cleaning sounds, relaxing asmr mukbangs, gum chewing sounds and sleeping videos, guided meditation videos and anything that can encourage you in your faith.

These sounds can be used to help you sleep, study, relax, clear your mind, get more clarity and creativity. I hope these videos provide some relief with your anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and however you find them beneficial to you and your personal situation and a added bonus to your lifestyle.

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What is ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response it is described as a pleasurable tingling sensation that can be felt most commonly in the back of the scalp, neck and down the spine but not limited to these area's.

It is hard to describe ASMR to people because everyone has different triggers therefore everyone can experience different tingle and satisfactions.

You can experience ASMR in your everyday life without knowing it; if you enjoy listening to something over and over again that helps you to relax, fall asleep or the touch of something brings peace and calm to you or just the look of something brings you pleasure and relaxes you then you have experienced ASMR

If you think you have never experienced ASMR before you can easily find your trigger or triggers by watching ASMR videos or listening to different sounds. Because everyone has different triggers what gives them relaxation or puts them to sleep may not work for you.

The way that a person speaks or talks may be a trigger for you; you may find their voice to be very relaxing and peaceful which allows to you to enter into a peaceful state of mind.

This peaceful stay can make you fall asleep, help your relax, help you study, help you to think more clearly and much, much more. You are often times able to gain a clear view point of things once you are in a relaxed state of mind.

ASMR has also been known to help a lot of people with depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. Everyone has their own reasons for using ASMR and watching ASMRISTS.

Please consult with a professional if you have a mental health issue; please do not use ASMR to replace your therapy: ASMR is intended for entertainment it may help you with some minor sleep issues such as white noises would help you to fall asleep and relax but it is never intended to replace your medications or your doctor.

Watching massage ** Baba Worlds Greatest Head Massage **
Watching a person focus and describe something there passionate about ** Bob Ross deep voice talking about painting, scraping sounds, brushing sounds. The forefather of ASMR **
Whispering ** Maria GentleWhispering the Queen of ASMR **

Listening to someone's voice and the way they talk
Soft spoken voices and certain accents
Hand Movements
Watching Someone Focus on a task
Personal Attention - like a hair cut
Any type of Role Play the best ones are ones that involve personal attention to you, examinations, face brushing.
Watching someone draw or paint
Sounds : Crinkle, Tapping, Scratching & multi layering of different sounds together

So sit back and relax; close your eyes if you like and drift into a peaceful relaxed state until you forget about all your worries. Enjoy the soft spoken gentle whispers of my voice darling and let your hair down, kick off your shoes and socks and let your all cares roll away.

I would love to know what are your triggers and what gave you the most relaxation in my videos; feel free to let me know in the comments below and please be sure to subscribe, like the video, turn on the notification bell and please be sure to come back for another video. Thanks so much for joining me today; it really means a lot to me!!!!

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