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Glitchtrap Mask & Secret Audio Explained! (FNAF VR: Help Wanted Theory)

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Curse of Dreadbear is the DLC for Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted and at first glance seemed like it was simply a fun Halloween themed spin off. However in the Corn Maze stage of FNAF Curse of Dreadbear a Glitchtrap mask can be found within a locked cellar door. This Glitchtrap mask provides us with a chilling audio dialogue that turns the events of FNAF Help Wanted on it's head and introduces a new character known as reluctant follower. In this video we discuss a new FNAF Help Wanted theory as we analyze this new dialogue and this mask to see what new lore we can discover. This video also includes a guide to unlocking the Glitchtrap mask in FNAF Curse of Dreadbear for yourselves.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod
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