Global cases increase in March

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Global increases due to new variants

Globally, confirmed cases continue
to rise

Fourth consecutive week

million new cases reported last week

New deaths plateaued (after a six week decrease)

Deaths, + 60 000

Upward trajectory in recent weeks

South East Asia, Western Pacific, European and Eastern Mediterranean

Europe and Americas continue to account for 80% of all the cases and deaths

Highest numbers of new cases

Brazil (508,010 new cases; 3% increase)

United States of America (374 369 new cases; 19% decrease)

India (240 082 new cases; 62% increase)

France (204 840 new cases; 27% increase)

Italy (154 493 new cases; similar to previous week)


Cases, + 58,922 = 29,769,325

Deaths, + 778 = 541,289


Last 7 days

Cases, 53,200 (7 day rolling daily average)

Deaths, 1,025 (7 day rolling daily average)

New hospital admissions

Down since the peak on 9th January

(Was 16,540 per day)

Down on the week to 16th March

(Down to + 4,696 per day)

But up to 25th March

Increases in the US over past week

About 3% increase in cases over the past week

30% increases

Michigan, Colorado and Connecticut

Variant cases in the US

US Vaccinations


At least 1 dose, 85,472,166 ()

Fully vaccinated, 46,365,515 (14%)

Total doses given, 130,473,853

Pfizer, 65,995,871
Moderna, 61,719,2560
Janssen, 2,622,182

AZ percentages

United Kingdom

Data up to 24th March

Cases, + 5,605 (+38,338)


Deaths, + 98 (+552) = 126,382


Deaths, 148,125

First dose, 28,653,523

Second dose, 2,532,839

UK Vaccine passports being considered by ministers

EU Vaccine documents and apps

The digital version can be stored on a mobile device.

Citizens can also request a paper version.

Both will have a QR code that contains essential information,

as well as a digital seal to make sure the certificate is authentic


By the EU - The Commission will set up a digital infrastructure that would facilitate the authentication of the Digital Green Certificates

By the Member States - Introduce the necessary changes in their national health records systems

EU leaders to discuss boosting vaccine supplies

Today, virtual conference
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