Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

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shinji just get in the goddamn HEV suit

Full VOD:

Watch me play the rest of the Half-Life series! At this point I've played just about every game in the series(not counting some spinoffs or unofficially made games, or HL:A because I don't have a VR rig), the only major exclusions being Opposing Force and Black Mesa. This playlist contains the full VODs of all of those, in order of when I streamed them. Watch in wonder as my mic quality gets gradually better over time!

Thumbnail by Lark!

Songs used in order:
ECO VIRTUAL - Distant Shores
Kelly Bailey - Hazardous Environments
Mastgrr - Stop a Gaben
John Philip Sousa - Thunderer March
verbalase - Thanos Beatbox Solo

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