How a Middle-Aged Mom Accidentally Upstaged a League of Legends Superstar

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There are a lot of perks to being an esports athlete. You get to travel the world, you make a living playing video games, and if you're especially popular, you'll have legions of fans that will do anything for your attention.

Of course, being in the spotlight is all well and good when things are going your way. But this IS esports we're talking about — a competitive arena that can see heroes turned into villains with a single misclick of a mouse.

But what if all the attention that was focused on a world famous player like you, didn’t always reach you?

And instead, the constant commentary on your performances was accidentally sent to someone who doesn't even know who you are, or the game you play?

Well in the case of Emily Perkins, who just happens to be known as "Perkz" — that's exactly what's happened. And now she's a League of Legends star.

Written by: Danny Burke (@lurkyburke)
Hosted by: Dimitri Pascaluta (@DPascaluta)
Edited by: Jason Durante (@JayJay_Durante)
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