How I Film Tesla Videos: Top 20 Camera Tools!

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How I film high quality Tesla videos: My favorite camera gear!

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It seems like it’s an unwritten rule that when you get a Tesla you must start making YouTube videos about it. I’m obviously a culprit of this when I started making videos about my Model 3 which led to me becoming Tesla’s top referrer and earning two free Roadsters. But I also earned enough money from YouTube ads on my Tesla videos to pay for my Model 3. So I’ve kind of been able to get three free Teslas simply as a result of creating helpful high quality YouTube videos. What’s really cool is now any Tesla owner has a chance to win a car since Tesla is giving away a Model Y monthly and a Roadster quarterly to a random owner with at least one referral. I get a lot of questions about how I make my videos and what equipment I use so this video is for you if you want some guidance or inspiration for making YouTube videos yourself.

Main Camera:
Main Lens:
Cinematic Lens:
Vlogging Lens:
Main Recorder:
Shotgun Mic:
On-Camera Mic:
Lav Mic:
USB Mic:
Action Cam:
Suction Cup Mount:
Vlogging Tripod:
Main Tripod:
Fluid Head:
Video Editing Desktop:

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