How to Take Minimalist Photos for Instagram

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Today, I'll teach you how to take minimalist photos for Instagram. Neutral tones + negative space is a great theme for a lot of feeds, but there's a lot more that you can do to step up your minimalistic photography

My 2020 Photo/Video Kit:
My Main Camera:
My Favorite Beast:
My Camera Bag:
My VLOG Microphone:
My STUDIO Microphone:
My STUDIO Backdrop Holder:
My BLACK Studio Backdrop:
My BLUE Studio Backdrop:
My TAN Studio Backdrop:
My STUDIO Light:
The Best Lights of All Time:
My Studio Light Dome:
Best Drone:
My Drone ND Filters:
My Camera ND Filters:
My ND Filter Adapter:
My favorite lens:
My wide lens:
My portrait lens:
My Tripod:
My Monitor:

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