I Met a Girl / Kiss Scene — Lucy and Devon (Lily Sullivan and Brenton Thwaites)

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Kiss Scene (Lucy and Devon)
Kissing Scene (Lily Sullivan and Brenton Thwaites)
Kiss Scene From Movie: "I Met a Girl" (2020)

• Original title: "I Met a Girl"
• Release date: September 11, 2020
• Country: Australia
• Director: Luke Eve
• Genre: Drama, Romance
• IMDb:

An aspiring musician embarks on an epic, cross-country journey to find the woman of his dreams - who may be all in his head.

▶ Brenton Thwaites as Devon
▶ Lily Sullivan as Lucy
▶ Joel Jackson as Nick
▶ Anita Hegh as Patricia
▶ Zahra Newman as Olivia
▶ Anni Finsterer as Miss Needles
▶ Amy Mathews as Senior Constable Harrison
▶ Liam Graham as Fergus
▶ Peter Rowsthorn as Mr. Rocket
▶ Kylie Bracknell as Amiya
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