I Will Pay You £200 to Write a YouTube Script about Eco-Inhalers.

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I will pay you £200 to write a 750-1000 words (about 7-10 mins equivalent length) YouTube video script about how we can save our environment by getting patients to use eco-inhalers!

I'm Mike, a general practitioner working in Greater Manchester, UK. I'm also a music producer and medical university tutor. I make videos about medicine and productivity and I am the author of the now sold out medical audiobook "CSA On The Move: A Practical Audio Guide to the Clinical Management of Common RCGP CSA Scenarios" and the available second edition "GP On The Move".

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Here's the Brief:

If you are a GP or GPST and fancy dabbling in some good ole fashion medical journalism and also making some money on the side, then write to me. What I’m going to say here might sounds strange, but DO NOT send me your CV, I mean you can if you want but I won’t read it, all I care about is passion and the will to create something great with me, and it doesn’t matter if you have any experience or not. Send me an email and I will reply with a general overview of one of the videos.

What you need to do is write a word by word video script, that me and other medical professionals can perform and release on YouTube. Don’t sent me a lot, maybe about 300 words tops, and we will then choose the wining script, but stay in touch with the people that we didn’t necessarily choose, but think would be good to work with in the future. Finally, if things are going well, there definitively will be more paid opportunities to get involved in. I want the videos to be informative, but also a bit funny, you know like GP On The Move funny.

Right that’s it guys, just a short one this time. I will leave you with a TOP 10 of the best (and also worst) GP On The Move jokes just to get you in the mood, so enjoy and get writing those scripts!

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