Inside The Life Of A Billionaire Butler

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Being a billionaire’s butler isn’t easy, but you might receive a 6-figure salary for all your hard work. While being a butler doesn’t seem like a glamorous job, it does offer some job perks-- like an opportunity to travel the world, live in a mansion, spend time on luxury yachts and receive some pretty awesome gifts for your service. With the wealth gap growing, more and more of the elite all over the world are looking for full-time service. Programs like the one at the International Butler Academy and the British Butler Institute have skyrocketed in popularity, with more people willing to give life as a butler to the mega-rich a try. But what is it really like living with and doing everything for your boss, no questions asked? Butlers have to do things like clean, organize the household, develop budgets, make appointments and anything else their employer can think of. Do you think you would have the patience?

In addition to a really good salary, some butlers can receive even more money if they have an accent. Especially if they head to China, where the popularity of “Downton Abbey” has made having a butler a trend. Butlers also have pretty good job security-- even if they get fired, most find a new job within two weeks. Wanna find out exactly what it’s like to be a butler for the rich? Then click play and let’s explore the career and lifestyle perks-- or downsides-- that come with serving the rich.

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00:00 Intro
00:43 The creation of the modern butler
02:40 Butler training programs start at $15,000
04:33 A butler’s salary could reach six-figures
06:24 The butler code of conduct
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