Is HOLLOW ICHIGO Just TOO GOOD? | Ichigo Kurosaki Anime Battle Arena (ABA) Ranked Showcase

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In this video, N0tSuper tries out the new ABA character, Hollow Ichigo!

In Hollow Ichigo's current state, he's simply too overpowered. Mask is the only exception, and if anything, it needs to be fixed. As for the rest of the moves, his dash move is pretty balanced, his mask 3 does a *little* too much damage, and his 4 is ridiculous. His Getsuga is two 20 damage guard breaks on a really fast cooldown, not to mention the fact it has really stupid range. The mask dynamic is the one thing grounding Ichigo to the realm of being beatable.

His awakenings work in an unusual manner, as he has different modes depending on whether he has his mask on or not. Ichigo's Vasto Lorde mode is activated if you awaken with your mask on, and has 4 moves like normal. His Mugetsu form is activated if you awaken without your mask on. Mugetsu only has 1 move, which is

I can explain Ichigo in two words right now. Gon






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