Jan 2, 2021 - PLASMONIC Demo, Unify ComboBox Note Wrap Tip, Awesome Piano horribly Cool free piano!

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SO many incredible FREEBIES are available here at the end of the year!

Buy Unify + CloudCity V1 BUNDLE Promotion here (ENDS Jan 10, 2021):

75 Free 1-Shot Samples by EchoSoundWorks:

FREE AudioThing - Things - Texture Granular Reverb:

Pianobook Sample Libraries - FULL version of Kontakt Required:

Binaural Grand Piano "Family Grand":

Winter Voices (900 samples from the World turned into a vocal library):

Echo Sound Works - 75 One Shot Sample FREE Aura Library:

Native Instruments FREE Yangqin Kontakt Library:

Pianobook Select UNIFY library - a Work in Progress:

Arturia V Collection 25 Patches (requires V7+ of V Collection):

Unify Updater available:

Free Unify Library - UniScream 2020:

Rhizomatic's Plasmonic Unified Library:

Pigments Unified Library:

FREE ARTURIA 25 Patches using V Collection Version 7:

There is also the free demo version of Unify to try (everything works, no saving and it quits after 15 min):
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