LaMelo Ball Pulls Up To Mikey Williams' BIG GAME! Mikey Opens Up On San Diego! "I Miss Being Home"

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First of all, shoutout to my guy Max for hooking up some dope pics! Check out his IG:

In the newest ep of Fear Nothing, Mikey Williams and Lake Norman face off against Sunrise Christian Academy, one of the best teams in the country! Sunrise has Kennedy Chandler, Gradey Dick, Kendall Brown, and lots of other elite players. The game is so big that LaMelo Ball decides to pull up and watch! Think Lake Norman can keep up with the Sunrise powerhouse? Watch and see what happens!

Later, Mikey and the team prepare for John Marshall. They CANNOT sleep on this team, or they're gonna take an L. This game hot HEATED. Click that link and run up the new ep!

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