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LaMelo Ball To Sign $100M Contract With PUMA And LEAVE Big Baller Brand?

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Both Lamelo and Lonzo, are still on the fence when it comes to remaining apart of the family brand. And just yesterday we saw some huge news via Jermaine Jackson who has basically become Lamelo's mentor and supervisor over in Australia, having coached him at Spire. Now JJ hopped on Instagram live yesterday, where he revealed he and Lamelo. Were aboard a private jet, that plane belonged to sportswear company Puma. And with all the reports about a $100m sneaker endorsement, despite JJ downplaying the significance of the meeting in his comments. Fans are obviously gonna look more into this and put two and two together.
obviously going to put two and two together. Like as supposedly been offered $100m and a private jet by a sneaker company, well puma is a sneaker company that have Melo on a private jet. Ding ding ding
Also to only add fuel to the fire, Lamelo posted a tweet that said quote 'I'm my own man' the same day he met with Puma. Which is echoing the same message Lonzo put out when distancing himself from Alan Foster last year,
I think there's a very good chance that this all ties in together, Puma for the first time on the night of the 2018 draft. Revealed their comeback to the basketball world, endorsing Marvin Bagley and Michael Porter Jr, their first NBA athletes since the 1990s. They have since sponsored the likes of Terry Rozier, DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy, Kendrick Nunn, Knicks guard Kevin Knox and most recently derrick jones jr, after winning the dunk contest.
While these are all known and good NBA players, in their attempts to bring their brand back to the point they can compete with Nike Adidas and Jordan. Puma is still yet to make their mark, by landing a marquee superstar to be the face of their brand. They tried with Marvin Bagley and MPJ, who were the top 2 players of their recruiting class. However, with hindsight, it's obvious that from that draft class, Luka Doncic and Trae Young are the superstars.
In terms of the next generation of stars, Lamelo is as good a bet as anyone. Because whether or not he's a major success in the NBA, he's still a social media phenomenon and a superstar on a global scale. He's undeniably the most famous pre-NBA player in history, and as a projected top 5 pick it's probably worth taking a chance on him even for $100m dollars. Because if he is a success in the NBA and does become an all-star caliber player, then that price tag will look like a steal. Because if they were to stretch that $100m over let's say 7 years, that would only come around $14mil a year. Which sounds like a steal when put like that considering Melo's hype and draw. The summer league is gonna be off the scale, his NBA debut will be as anticipated as Zions.

I understand people wanna focus on the bigger picture and the message it would send if he stayed independent and didn't sign. But Lavar's now asking both his sons to invest their NBA contract money into the brand and has said that if Melo decides to leave BBB. He's turning his back on the family, that's very unfair in my opinion. Because Lamelo and Lonzo have sacrificed for BBB as much as anyone, Lonzo already had it thrown back in his face and has encouraged Melo to not make the same mistakes he did.
Does Lamelo who apparently has a $100m dollar deal on the table, want to take that same risk that backfired for Lonzo. Does he really want to be revolutionary or does he just wanna play basketball at a high level and get paid.
Lonzo sounds like the latter, Gelo doesn't have the options the other 2 have or had, and for Lamelo I guess we'll find out very, very soon.

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