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Little Chair - Merry Go Round (Featuring Matthew of Pyriscent)

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Big thank you to Brian, Frank, and Dylan of the Little Chair band and my friend Alex for letting me do a guest set with their band! I had a ton of fun and I feel I gave a great performance. I hope you enjoy this as it was a little different than what I normally play but I absolutely love Brians playing.

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My name is Matt Rodriguez of Pyriscent and thank you for enjoying my music enough to take a listen. 432 Hz music is believed to relieve symptoms of mental illness as compared to 440 Hz tuning which has been shown to make people anxious. Those who are hard of hearing can "feel" a 432 Hz song due to it resonating more harmoniously in water, which we are primarily made up of. These beliefs are rooted in science and numerology, both of which Pythagoras loved. Pythagoras is the man that discovered music as we know it today, with pitch divisions based on the octave. "Music is medicine for the soul" - Pythagoras. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla. "Everything in life is vibration." -Albert Einstein. If you are interested in 432 hz or you are skeptical about it you can look up 432 hz cymatics experiments to see the scientific evidence behind it. These experiments make audible tones visible within matter, water and show you what music looks like. This makes it clear why 432 hz is a more harmonious tuning with the human body.

Pyriscent makes 432 Hz music that is very unique and original and incorporates many styles of rock music. If you love unique guitar inspired by classic rock or just psychedelic style music, in general, you will LOVE Pyriscent! I like to bring a smooth grunge element to a genre dominated by musical flair. I enjoy playing both guitar, piano and singing and you can search for us as Pyriscent all over the web! Pyriscence or serotiny is a form of seed gestation where a seed needs an intense trigger such as fire to sprout. A pinecone is one such "Pyriscent" seed. I like to think that by being Pyriscent we can all rise above the dark times in our lives and grow new plants from those times. With many more ambient and explosive songs to come, we are only just getting started moving souls with our music. I hope you enjoy our first step. Pyriscent was formed on ‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎07, ‎2017, ‏‎at 8:18:50 PM at stage one rehearsal studios. Pyriscent is Matthew Rodriguez - guitar, vocals and Phil Fitzwater - Bass guitar. A new song or jam will be posted every Friday, forever. Enjoy the music!
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