living in the foothills of the cascade mountains - alpine cottage life

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living in the foothills of the cascade mountains

Time seems to move quite slowly in my rural home. The animals take their time to feed and build their nests just right, the plants to grow to full bloom, I felt inspired to make a video on it ... this is just a little insight on what a ‘morning or evening routine’ is for me, since I don’t really adhere to a routine at all. As someone who likes to make everything productive, it can be a greater challenge to simply not plan a day and let the season, weather, and how I feel to determine what I do or don’t get done. Productivity is not the goal for me, simply to enjoy being. Disconnecting from the ticking clock definitely helps, and realizing that minutes and hours are a product of our own making, and we can let time management be as important or unimportant as we wish ???? of course, we all need to work and be productive in many ways, but I do think there is much worth in letting go of your own expectations from time to time.


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