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Pee Wee Kirkland: Passed on Chicago Bulls Contract, Drugs Made More Money

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Pee Wee Kirkland is legendary for his skills on the basketball court, and at one point he was offered a spot on the Chicago Bulls, which he later turned down. When asked about the decision, Pee Wee explained that he never really was committed to playing for the Bulls, and he backed out completely when the coach told him they had another guard they had already committed to. He then explained that he never felt that there was anything he had to prove by being in the NBA, because he had already proved himself against the best players in the game.
During the conversation Pee Wee also shared his thoughts on current players in the game, including Steph Curry, whom Pee Wee says is the greatest player out right now. He then added that while LeBron is a great all-around player, Pee Wee said that the Cleveland superstar is the most charitable and best human beings in basketball today.

To hear more of what Pee Wee had to say, including how he thinks the game has changed, hit the above clip.
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