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Rabi-Ribi: Irisu SP (EXTREME+) on AFD+BEX [No Consumables/Buffs] - *AFD is DONE!!!*

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We finally reached the end of this AFD-BEX playthrough! AFD has been 100% CONQUERED!!
Culminating with what is quite possibly the absolute hardest challenge I have done on Rabi-Ribi so far- naturally, it all ends with Irisu SP as the very final boss fight!

20 freaking hours. 20 hours. 20 hours. TWENTY HOURS OF GRINDING to accomplish this.
Nothing I did before compares to this. Nothing.

If you are wondering why I have already have MAX rank, I beat her once to get the Super Quick Charge Ribbon. Every little thing helps. I dont feel bad about doing this since even on my vanilla BEX run I already had it by the time I fought Extreme+ Irisu SP anyway.

So the "route" this time around is not all that much different from the BEX version, most of the changes were for the first minute or so of the fight:
I decided to make use of Crisis Boost strat- had just enough HP to trigger its effect, while also having an OK amount of HP to survive.

0:13 The very start must be executed flawlessly; it looks easy to stunlock Irisu like that but she can easily escape at any moment- AFD Buffs Hex Cancel and Super Armour dont really help, either. Yeah you can just restart if something goes wrong, but its still annoying!

There is also the matter of doing just enough damage. You want to damage Irisu until around you hear the 2nd speedup on the music (0:57), but not much more than that, otherwise you will push her directly into the 2nd phase, and while that sounds good, you will miss the healing she provides at 1:39, also you may want to do the first few relatively easy 1st phase attacks in order to give the Fairy Flute some extra time to

Speaking about Fairy Flute, I intentionally get hit at 1:18 to trigger it (Remember to MOVE! if you stand still the Fairies may not immediately arrive)- with Rainbow Boost active to lessen the damage taken. If you do this right and dont get hit at all, after the fairies are done you should be at full or near full HP.

Its a lot of things to take into account for just the first minute, but its also important to get it right.
1st Phase should be ending at the 3:25 attack or by the very next one at the latest.

After the 1st phase is I dont really have a solid route for the rest of the fight, lol.

This boss fight is too difficult and chaotic for me. I cant route and plan ahead for the entire thing; I am simply not consistent at most of these attacks to do so.
An attack which doesnt hit me at all in 1 run, might hit me 3+ times in the so, nothing is set in stone, I just try my best to survive. Thats Irisu SP for ya.

3:50 This is a good example. I knew I had to use Bunny Memories at some point just for the sheer damage it deals, but I had no real plan of or when.
So this time, I decided to use it here and perchance it worked out in the end, so uh I guess that may be a good spot to use it?
All I know is that you really want that extra damage; you dont want these phases to take forever.

4:53 Classic AFD "screw you" move: You are supposed to push Irisu back during this but she has 99 Reflect. As far as I know there is nothing you can do about this, other than route the fight so that she doesnt have 99 Reflect by the time this attack happens, but uh not happening.

5:22 I dont know how you are supposed to dodge this attack normally, but Unstable actually makes it more doable.

8:30 Its a good thing that Rainbow Charged Shot actually hit Irisu and forced her into the 3rd Phase, otherwise theres a pretty high chance the run would have died by the next

11:10 Another attack I have no idea how to actually dodge. But heres what I can tell you:
If you are going to Amulet + Super Carrot, be sure to do so multiple times, because theres a good chance you are going to trigger Instant Death.

11:45 Here it is. This thing is actually downright stupid if you dont have Pure Love. Seriously.
You cant dodge this without Pure Love. I dare you to try it. Its absolutely ridiculous, I dont know how they expect someone to fit into these gaps while ALSO somehow dodge Irisu herself!!!

Anyhow Bunny Memories stalling works nicely here because the squares cant damage you. If you DONT have Bunny Memories or Pure Love badge, luck is all I can say.

14:08 Survival phase could have been better but I am honestly just glad I survived xD

So, there it is! AFD 100% done, including all of BNA!
It was quite fun. But I wouldt blame anyone if they would rather stop at Forgotten Maiden.
Out of the BNA bosses, I recommend Syaro, the others are harder to
They are either, not necessarily harder; just more convoluted to figure out (Miru, Rita) or excessively hard to the extent it may be a turn-off for some (Irisu SP).

THAT SAID! I would love for someone else to clear this fight, even with Consumables or Buffs. It has to be very challenging even then.

Get Rabi-Ribi here!
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