RARE Thunder Unicorn 14*: TITAN HUNT Empires & Puzzles

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I love to hit Titans in E&P! Who doesn't right? Thunder is great too boot! I'm choosing to take in the reflect color to have a guaranteed attack multiplier (vs Wu). I can have him perform the necessary Keep-Alive for the rest of my team which includes a 3/70 Evelyn.

I put up some GEMS for the mats on this one. I'm looking for a solid 50K+ which is very obtainable with a fair/decent board. With the addition of 14* MM Hitpoints above the prior 12*, these Monolithic Titans seem to cut your damage down by half or more compared to what you get on a 12.

I set my personal high score of 159,473 with Miki soon after his release. I was running him at lower levels 2/30 on the way up to 3/70 where I stopped. I don't get anywhere near that on 14*. Being my Titan scores have continued to decline since setting that

I pulled the trigger and stripped one of my favorite Heroes in the game to move her (Valeria) emblems to Wilbur so that I can truly depend on him for his multi-purpose special. His Keep-Alive on is capable vs ANY TITAN. Mats/battle items are fair requiring me to spend on small to medium mana. This cost alone is easily offset by spending on the larger attack items without Wilbur.

Last night was a sad moment. I did reset and move Valeria's 19 class emblems to Wilbur. That my friends were a significant cost I might add. I hope it turns out to be a solid choice for me.

Special note: BATMAN RETURNS since obtaining it's very 1st 14* has NEVER passed on one! I say that due to a comment I just saw as such:

"No matter how strong your alliance gets your never going to kill every titan and win every war bro."

BATMAN PLAYER RESPONSE (Not mine but true - going on several months I think)
"Partially correct. No titan escapes alive at our alliance and they r 14*"

Best Success E&Peeps! - RaZ (BATMAN RETURNS)
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