Real Customer Reviews: Carbon/Aramid Fiber Hard Hat - ANSI/ISEA Certified (Black-Blue)

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- Carbon/Aramid Fiber Hard Hat - ANSI/ISEA Certified (Black-Blue)

Carbon/Aramid Fiber Hard Hat - ANSI/ISEA Certified (Black-Blue)

Thanks I is very cool and color too ... is light very very nice ...
I've worn many hard hats and this one is in a class of it's own. It is the lightest most comfortable on the market.
Love this hard super light and snuggs on your head very good only bad thing of it is I dropped it and it chipped at the edge, other than that super dope hard hat always get a lot of compliments also ......... IBEW LOCAL 11 approved lol
Best hard-hat ive ever light and looks super cool!!! No “ragrets” like scotty p carbon feather #1
High quality! Lightweight! I’ve been wearing MSA hard hats for a long time but this beautiful carbon fiber hard hat is the final destination for me.
My only gripe is that it’s 13$ more shipped to your door through amazon as opposed to Carbon Feather’s website. Shipping took 3 days to my door. I would buy again, but I have a good feeling I won’t need to.
Amazing I’m so happy I don’t even want to use it for work
Love the hard hat. Light as a feather. At first glance it looks black but under some light, it shows its true colors. It met and exceeded my expectations. Very satisfied.
This is hands down the best hard hat I’ve ever put on my head. It’s also the coolest looking one I’ve ever seen. Thanks guys for the great product.
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