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Report: Cowboys and Dak Prescott discussing contract again

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The Cowboys and Dak Prescott are talking again. Whether they’re speaking the same language remains to be seen.

According to Ed Werder of , the Cowboys have resumed contract negotiations with their franchise-tagged quarterback.

Because they used the exclusive franchise tag on Prescott, he can’t talk to other teams. They have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, or he’d play this season under the tag.

One possible hang-up at the moment is the length of a potential new deal. Werder reports that the Cowboys have previously preferred a five-year deal, while Prescott and his agent would rather have a four-year deal.

For the 26-year-old Prescott, a shorter deal would give him another chance to do another long-term contract while ostensibly in his prime, after a new round of broadcast deals could change the economic landscape.

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