Rescued from the Widow-maker

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In Australia, Eucalyptus trees are colocially
It's great to know a lot of pest controllers now call in beekeepers to deal with bees in unwanted places and we are always grateful to get referrals.
Yesterday we got to do another job with Dave Bourke who was called in by Energex to remove a swarm "that had just arrived overnight". What Dave discovered was a rather old hive in a fallen Eucalyptus limb, and it wasn't a matter of just shaking this one into a box.
To complicate matters, what was in the limb was only half of the hive. The other half remained in the tree about 12 metres up and out of reach. With no queen present (she was most likely still up in the other half of the nest), we needed to use the cut comb from the fallen half, to attract all of the bees into the catch-box.
It would have been convenient to have the bee-vac on this job, but I didn't have it on board, so we needed to revert to "old-school" methods.
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