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Sweet Wife And Romance Revenge Chapter 9 - Manga Kiss

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Sweet Wife And Romance Revenge Chapter 9 - Manga Kiss

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“What is this person’s taste after all! Why can he put it in the mouth? ”

After she woke up, she looked in the mirror and saw herself as if she was tattooed like a devil.

Before her reincarnation, Gu Yue Zhai was the one she used all her heart to love but then also the person whom she deeply grudges.

In her previous life, she was the type of brainless woman so she did not want to marry an excellent husband, was harmed by a couple of men and women, and was brainwashed by her best friend, the end result was that no one wanted to stay close to her.

This life in spite of the cattle hundreds of thousands of thousands of snake, want her to divorce, yielding the lady throne. So embarrassing ~~, my intelligence is so much better, don’t despise me!
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