Sydney Sounds: Made In Paris Creates a Free Sample Pack from Noisy Gym Equipment

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Sydney Sounds is an ongoing collection of free sample packs for Ableton Live users. Curated by local artists including Montaigne, Made In Paris, and more, Sydney Sounds aims to be the largest collection of audio representing the city and all its colourful noises.

The packs are created alongside artists and record producers chosen by Happy Mag. Each artist chooses a location, spends a day armed with field recording gear, then drops back to their studio to catalogue the sounds.

Made In Paris is one of Australia's finest techno DJs, having played at festivals the likes of Splendour in the Grass, Pitch Music and Arts Festival, Beyond the Valley, and more.

But when she’s not producing, playing shows, or delivering mixes to radio stations around the world, Paris spends a solid portion of her day-to-day life breaking a sweat in the gym. Every creative has their own way of finding their zero – be it meditation, a special place to hang out, or simply thrashing about on stage – and for Paris, it’s exercise.

When asked to produce her very own Sydney Sounds sample pack, Paris knew exactly where to go. New Life Health Club in Caringbah is decked out with all the equipment she’d need to record a menagerie of interesting sounds, plus it’s located right next to an oval – perfect for grabbing some lengthier outdoor samples.

“What I come up with will tend to be more on the dark side of electronic, being that there’s a lot of machinery. There’s definitely going to be a lot of elements in there that’ll definitely resonate well in a dance track.”

“For anyone that downloads this pack, I just want them to get really creative with it, and maybe even come up with something that I haven’t done with it. Dive in, enjoy yourself, and see where it takes you.”

Download Made In Paris' free Sydney Sounds sample pack here:

Produced by Happy Mag: ​​
Featuring Montaigne:

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