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Technical Rules for Salsa Dancing - Salsa Contract For Partnering

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How come that different people, from different places, different cities, different countries and different backgrounds can dance with eachother as if they have been dancing together forever?

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There is one reason; They stick to the Salsa Contract!

What is the Salsa Contract? The Salsa Contract are the unwritten rules that make it possible for any dancer, following the rules, to dance with another person in a comfortable way.

Now there are 10 simple rules. If you follow them you will simply become a better dancer!

Here they are:
1. No thumbs
2. Hand position ladies
3. Look where so sent her
4. Build tension
5. Men offer, ladies accept
6. Ladies, keep the hands where he leaves them
7. Men let go, ladies are released
8. Ladies react and do not anticipate
9. Economy of Motion
10. Small steps

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