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For exactly six seasons, Teen Wolf had the entire world under its spell. From strange creatures lurking in the shadows, to having werewolves creeping in the night, the fictional town of Beacon Hill was a goldmine for some pretty kickass special effects and makeup transformation. Which is why they got the best in the business to help them bring these creatures to life, Because well, people can only become a werewolf if special effects makeup gurus Chris Gallagher, Kenny Myers, and Erik Porn are on the set. But just because they’re total makeup-industry celebs doesn’t mean that it’s always an easy job. Teen Wolf had painful makeup transformations. Becoming a wolf on Teen Wolf was a full time job that took hours to achieve. Going behind the scenes of Teen Wolf, meant witnessing how certain makeup additions had the cast bleeding in absolute pain. The Teen Wolf drama with the eye contacts was another surprise makeup transformation that you will definitely want to hear about. The cast of Teen Wolf will also be the first to tell you that having these famous fangs on was more painful than it was scary!

So if you want to find out how breaking this specific makeup transformation rule gets you fired, what Tyler Posey said was physically the most painful part of becoming a werewolf and how the rest of the crew from Colton Haynes to Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin had to say bout their transformation for Teen Wolf, then make sure to tap the video!

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