Tesla Is Said To Have Made 17 Sample Model Ys for Giga Berlin in USA

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It is said that Fremont has produced and sent 17 sample Model Y vehicles to Tesla Giga Berlin using Tesla's new 4680 battery cells.

Last week, four wrapped Tesla Model Y bodies were discovered on the site of Giga Berlin, which looked suspiciously like the Model Y, which will soon be produced there - they could be used to test the paint shop. At the same time, Tesla also seems to be preparing the production of the electric car in the new factory in the USA: At the Fremont plant, 17 Model Ys have just been produced for this purpose, an observer reported on Monday. They should already be built according to the new design and with the new cells, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced as a major technical challenge for the German Gigafactory.

He found out about the production of the 17 sample copies of the Model Y from a "trustworthy source", wrote on Twitter @bburnworth, who deals a lot with Tesla but does not seem to be an insider. But his information is quite detailed.

Tesla's "4680 technology" is in the test vehicles, @bburnworth explained. On the one hand, this stands for the XL cell format presented at the Battery Day and, on the other hand, for the use of these thick cells as part of the supporting structure of electric cars. At least from the German Tesla Model Y, this also means that the front and rear frame parts are each cast in one piece in giant giga presses and a part with the 4680 batteries is placed between plates in the middle, as CEO Musk explained. According to the Twitter observer, this is exactly how the 17 Model Ys that have now been produced on a test basis are constructed.

This information is plausible, because a few weeks ago two of the huge Giga presses that Tesla needed for the front and rear of the Model Y were installed in Fremont from a single source.


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