The Bachelorette RECAP #3 - Awkward Zach Kiss, Yosef & Clare Fight, Dale Roast & Tayshia Adams!

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This week's episode of the bachelorette was the beginning of the END of Clare Crawley’s journey and we’re breaking down ALL the drama!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another shared news from home, we have so much to talk about from this week's episode, BUT before we get into it if you’re new here be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so you don’t miss out on any updates!

As always I’m your host Fiona Zaring and I’m joined by the wonderful Avery Grooms and Gabby Gonta!

Let’s just dive right in you guys because we truly have so much to talk about… We started where we left off last week with the cocktail all knew the Yosef bomb was going to explode tonight BUT OMG

Obviously, we were all so happy to see Yosef get thrown out of there… and it seems like producers certainly were happy to get Dale in there ASAP to try and smooth things over

After this ordeal Clare didn’t feel up for the cocktail party and instead went straight to the rose ceremony!

We saw a rare BTS moment-- the first of quite a few tonight with Chris Harrison where they discussed Dale and moving forward with the evening

The first group date was with: Jason jay easy chasen blake ed riley & dale.
Dale kicks off the night with a speech, a group hug, and then says they’ll be gone for 5 MINUTES!!!

We of course already KNEW it wasn’t going to be just 5 minutes…
clare and dale go to her room, Talk about Yosef- recap ,Dale offers more comfort and advice

Clare ends the date by giving the rose to Dale Moss, which solidifies the guys anger.

MEANWHILE Zach J is just excited about his one on one…
They have a spa date planned, but unfortunately it ends in a super awkward kiss by the pool and he gets sent home.

Some how after all that we STILL had the roast date to get through

At the cocktail party afterwards Clare tried to keep it light but she clearly had one thing on her basically interrogated everyone about their Dale

AND in another BTS moment we hear her tell producers why she doesn’t want to give one to anyone saying “you dished on my fiance so hard”

Ok now that we’ve broken down all the drama we like to assign our own roses to someone each week that stood may only have eyes for Dale but who do we like?


Of course bachelor nation had so many thoughts on tonight's episode-let’s take a look at some fan reactions.

Ok before we go we have to talk about this week 4 promo because you guys-- We finally have an officila Tayshia Adams confirmation! Let’s breakdown and react to the entire thing for clues…


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