The End of Real Estate in the Suburbs... (New INSANE Bill)

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Low Income and Section 8 housing will be built in Suburbs Across America!! Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Many people work their entire lives to end up with a nice house in the suburbs. They strive to have a safe community where their kids can walk around without fear. They saved for many years to have enough money to put down a downpayment on their dream house and then work for thirty years to make payments on this home to have it fully paid off. Usually this home becomes their nest egg and they either sell it and live off of the money or pass it down to their children.

With this new bill this will all change.

We are going to now see zoning laws change and take suburban neighborhoods to cities and there will be tax credits and rebates for builders to build low income housing in these communities. That being said these expensive homes were expensive due to the adjacent homes.

Once this bill becomes law we will see much more crime in these neighborhoods and these neighborhood property values will plummet. That being said stay focused on what is happening behind the scenes because what is happening now on paper will happen before your eyes in no time.

What are your thoughts on this plan to change real estate in the suburbs? Will it impact home flippers, landlords, property investors and mom and pop property owners in America? One of the main focuses is to make desirable real estate more
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