The Reason WHY VALVE IS SILENT | Broken Fang End?

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Valve has been awfully quiet lately, well they’ve always always been quiet really. I was planning to make this video actually even before the recent Broken Fang situation. If you don’t know what’s going on, let me clue you in. The Operation Broken Fang was released on December 4th. Since that first day, on the CSGO official website it stated that “Operation Broken Fang will last until April 30th” We waited and waited till sunrise, and nothing, no update, no tweet, just silence. Valve’s attitude got to the point that it even pissed off 3klicksphilip, who seems to be the nicest guy on the CSGO youtube. You know what else would piss off 3klicksphilip? Not smashing the like button for the youtube algorithm. Also, let me know what you think of this new background footage. It was fabeezze’s idea, and I think it looks pretty cool.

The Overwatch system is actually worthless as well. 3 klicksphilip mentioned in his video that he did and is continuing to solve overwatch cases, but he is not getting any notification about the fact that his previous verdicts were correct. I recently watched a video from a russian youtuber MoreGames. He decided to review overwatch cases and track down the Suspects steam accounts through an easy overwatch loophole. He did 50 overwatch cases, saved the links to the Suspects’ accounts, and also checked if there were any other cheaters in those games. He found a total of 150 cheaters in them. 2 weeks later, he went back and checked on the cheaters’ accounts. Only 19 of them were banned, out of which 10 received a VAC ban, not an Overwatch ban.

I get it, the anti cheat system has to be Vague, otherwise people would have an easy time finding what triggers it and how to bypass it, but letting a situation where only 14% of cheaters are getting banned after being confirmed as cheaters by overwatch, is plain irresponsible. Valve wants to use the community in one more way, but all this work the community is doing is just for nothing. If they keep this up, there might not be anyone left doing Overwatch.

Valve has released a video on their Steamworks Development Youtube Channel, titled - Let Updates Do the Talking, and this video was released on April 30. Today it is May second, and this could not be more ironic. They literally said - Let the updates do the talking, and then just don't release an update which was planned coupled with no tweet about it or anything. You really have overdone yourself here Valve. Okay I know they prefer to release one big update instead of multiple ones in the span of 7 days, but a simple tweet, could have saved us so much confusion, nerves and time, even if they decided to release the update on Monday, or Tuesday, I feel like we should know about it.

In the Steamworks video, the CSGO developer Gautam mentioned that they think it is better when they get clear and unfiltered customer feedback on various online communities, but they rarely participate in those conversations for the reason that the quality of feedback is different whenever people talk directly to them compared to talking between each other. According to them, the problem is that whenever users talk to them it is because they have something to complain about.

Gautam also mentions that they try to stay away from making promises about future updates, for the reason that they might not have everything ready in time, or that something unexpected may arise and they would have to work on that while the update is being delayed.

Unfortunately, nothing was said about the abundant cheaters and bots problem. This has led people to not be very happy with this video, as it didn’t address the number one issue.

I can only say that Valve needs an intervention. We somehow need to gather our forces to try and convince them that earning a few million dollars per day means you have enough money to pay someone to build you an anti cheat system for your most popular game. As for the Broken Fang operation end, I am fairly certain that it will not end during the weekend, as Valve has never released an update during a weekend. Though, on Monday would be the next work day for them, and if not then, then Surely on Tuesday by 9 pm US east they must eand the operation, and possibly remove the RMR capsules from the shop and even maybe bring a new case into the game.
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