the weird side of beauty instagram

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Why are "beauty" pages on instagram so dumb?

India ????????
A handy curated list of places to donate (there's a filter for donating from abroad)

Easily digestible infographics:

What's happening in Colombia? ????????
An easily digestible infographic:

The accounts I mentioned & like (in order of appearance):

Artists & creatives ????‍????

Animals ????

Beauty & Fashion ???? ????

What I'm wearing:
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why are teachers in teen shows

"the f in woman stands for funny"

Jubilee: "the pioneers of empathy"...or something?

now, let's talk about "pick me BOYS"

Catchin' up with Classically Abby

new male, who dis? ∑

What happened to the Deplorable Choir?

Not all Pickup Artists are bad. Some are TERRIBLE.

this show is tatTOO much

hOw FaR iS tAtToO fAr??

Animated stories are bad for my health

The Cringe King of TikTok: Pickup "Artist" Russell Hartley ????:

the rise of the "pick me girl" meme
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