The YouTuber Life is CURSED | Trash Taste #41

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Intro Animation -

00:00 Frail intro
00:36 Revisiting the cycling special
05:06 Why Garnt didn't put the chain back on
07:43 The logistics of filming a special
10:15 We see through the lies of movies
11:40 IRL streamers
14:29 Feeling awkward in public
16:48 Fake confidence during a stream
17:54 Are streamers actually nice people
18:32 The next step to IRL streaming
19:08 The weirdest challenge on YouTube
21:59 Garnt and Joey toy collab
23:06 How is this allowed on YT
23:59 The most cursed stuff we've seen on YT
25:41 It's just a prank bro
28:11 Ritual
29:21 Adressing the monk pictures
32:15 Having the talk with your parents
36:33 Joey banned his dad from his socials
39:31 Internet privacy
41:35 Interviews with the paparazzi
43:15 Blues Clues
44:43 Genetics
45:31 Believing you're the exception
51:06 Accepting your future
53:58 Being bald
54:54 Having your entire life recorded
56:48 EJAS
58:40 Storing your virtual existence
01:00:17 Garnt's thug look
01:04:30 Suits are fun
01:06:42 Men's fashion
01:11:24 Japan has optimized shirts
01:12:40 Japan's technology is hit or miss
01:16:14 People are embarassing
01:20:42 The Waffle House Index
01:21:36 Zombie movies are not realistic
01:25:18 Social skills after isolation
01:28:25 Wearing masks
01:29:15 Will cons become more hygenic
01:31:20 Hand sanitizers
01:34:45 Future conventions
01:35:32 Post Malone x Pokemon
01:38:20 Crowds make or break an event
01:42:26 The future of chess
01:47:53 Forgetting what you learned
01:50:48 We thank you
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